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20 Things You Miss From Your Childhood

Carry your childhood memories with you..
You will never grow older.
Because childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons

1.Power Rangers
We had irritated our parents with these power ranger shows. Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, Wild Force, Mystic Force, Time Force,etc, Red is always our favourite.

2.Galli Cricket
Cricket has always been our favorite sport and we are always the stars in galli cricket.
Riding from home to school & school to home with our friends. We may have bikes and cars now but bicycle is always our best buddy.
4.Crayons & Water Colors
I was an artist in childhood.. Who wasn't?! 
5.Pokemon, Cricket & WWE cards
I bet this card game is better than poker.

6.Multi-coloured Pens
Always trying to click two colours at a time. 

7.Paper Boats in Rain
The first thing that reminds me whenever it rains outside. 

8.Bubblegum Tattoos
I think these companies made a fortune with this idea.

9.Michael Jackson & Backstreet Boys' Music
Backstreet's Back, I Want it that Way, Show Me The Meaning...
Dangerous, Beat it, 2000 Watts, Billie Jeans, Thriller...
Best Music Of Our Time

10.Comics at Book Fairs
More than reading, I loved to see all the comic books at one place

11.Kid Pix
A B C D s in Computers.. I thought the future would be of so much fun, working on these machine. 

12.Brick Game
Receiving this as a birthday present.. I thought those people are really good

13.Pen Fight
The game for Time Killers in last benches

14.Tape Recorder
Rest In Peace friend.. You made my childhood complete

15.Super Mario
I guess this is the best game before Angry Birds, Temple Run, Subway Surfers took over the market

16.Adventures of Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn
I wish to adventure  like these two boys.. We should be thankful to Mark Twain for bringing them into our textbooks

17.Covering Notebooks
Please don't remind me about it.. It was a tough job

18.Hide n Seek
I have never counted 100 completely.. I guess no one ever did

If there are any rumors regarding any two.. Do the FLAMES and check out their relationship status 

20.Stone Skipping
My personal record is 21.. Is there anyone who can beat me?