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10 Types of People who won't watch Game Of Thrones


Author: Shanmukha Kotha
1. The Sanskari Type 
They are the people who close their eyes when Ranveer and Deepika kiss in Ram-Leela & are too sensitive to violence and bloodshed. So, when it comes to Game of Thrones, it is not just full of multiple storylines, plot twists but is also full of many gruesome deaths and many ___  you know....  People who watched the first episode will be able to fill this blank space. 

2. People who watch Balika Vadhu 
Indian TV serials are sick. So sick that the serials which were started when I was born are still running. And the best part is they have 6 episodes a week and are still running, like some 10,000+ episodes. We have better show runners and writers than those of Seinfeld, FRIENDS, Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I'm pretty sure that Jon Snow's resurrection would last 300 episodes if it done by Indian serial makers.

3. People who waste their time & money on typical masala films and fan wars
Indian film makers can make creative movies like Rang De Basanthi, 3 Idiots, Lagaan... Oh wait, I'm just naming Aamir Khan's movies but they are most of it. On the other hand, we have remaining movies. Seriously, we bored of the shitty movies coming in the name of commercial entertainers and the stupid fan wars. Any way these kind of people won't be watching GoT because it is not Shahrukh Khan playing Eddard Stark  or Katrina playing Khaleesi.

4. People who can't appreciate world class writing
Best selling novel series in the world, that does mean something, right! This old dude made hell lot of money with the original novel series "The Song of Ice and Fire" which is the basis for the ultimate TV series Game of Thrones. People compare him to RR  Tolkein, who wrote the Lord of the Ring and Hobbit series. People who can't appreciate the best fantasy work ever witnessed after Lord of the Rings can never understand the greatness of the series.

5. People with language problem
Seriously I can't comment on them but I feel sorry for them. 

6. People who can't stand intimidation or atleast want to pretend so
There are lot of scenes in the series that includes romance, sex, nudity and many gross relationships. But all of them are a part of the bigger game.  People who act as if they have never watched the painting scene in Titanic... Good luck with that.

 7. People who cry when someone dies on TV
The best part of Game of Thrones is that the character which you hate the most will not last longer because he will die soon. On the other hand, your favorite character on the show will also don't live long. Don't get emotionally attached to any character on GoT, because their death is a surprise element. Ask Game of Thrones fans about The Red Wedding, The Purple Wedding and The Red Viper, their expression changes when you ask them about those episodes. 

8. People who can never keep track of nearly 50 major characters
7 Kingdoms, 10 noble families, 3 dragons, thousands of soldiers, ice zombies. This will surely sum upto to nearly 150 characters on GoT. Don't worry!! When you are into it, keeping track of characters becomes easy.But if you can't then you are not watching carefully. This is not Arrow, Flash, Suits or House of Cards... this is Game of Thrones bitches.

 9. People who are too busy with their life
People must be so busy that they don't have an hour every week to spare. Being busy is just a feeling. I think no other person is as busy as Barack Obama.

Because the President of United States is a big fan of Game of Thrones so what's your point.
The show runners arranged a premier to Obama because he was so excited to know about Jon Snow's fate.

10. People who live far away from pop culture
Game of Thrones is a popular phenomena in the world now. So these kind of people have a special force of repulsion against any thing that is cool and exciting. When people talk about Jon Snow, Khaleesi, Tyrion or Joffrey that don't lose their shit because they are the typical type. They say what is there in it to be so obsessed of, it is just a damn TV show. They don't watch Game of Thrones because many people are liking it and watching it makes them all the same like the other cool people. When the cool people are busy congregating with the rest of the "GoT-watching world" while you're not even deemed worthy enough to be invited where they are going.