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The 8 "don'ts" everyone must consider

You spend the most of your time with yourself... Either consciously or unconsciously you are talking to yourself all the time. But if you somehow communicate with yourself about something you don't like, how will you be happy? So, here  I list out a few actions that you should stop letting happen to yourself.

1. Don't underestimate yourself - This is one wrong thing which everyone tend to put themselves through. Every time you doubt your capability, your spirit takes a lot of pain. So pamper and encourage yourself.

2. Don't encourage the ones whom you think are the wrong company for you - 'Tell me your friends and I'll tell your character'. This is enough to tell you how important role your company plays in this world. If you feel you are around the wrong set of people for you then don't hesitate to get away from them.

3. Don't have negative emotions -  Jealousy, hatred, back-biting, guilt, regret, anger .... and the list goes on. These are the set of negative emotions which you ought not to have. If you want to stay happy, push yourself away from these. 

4. Don't procrastinate - Procrastination is the thief of time and surely the thief of your motivation too. You postpone things to do later and that 'later' will never come. Learn to finish things on time and see the satisfaction you get.

5. Don't let others bring you down - Why should some XYZ person control your emotions and mind? Why do you let their immature thinking effect your lifestyle? Why do you put your key to happiness in someone else's pocket? Don't do this. They don't know you and will never know you. When you are the most important person for yourself, take care!

6. Don't end up being a copy of someone - You are not here to become a copy of someone. I seriously think people should have copyrights for their character as everyone would stop comparisons. At least we wouldn't forcefully become the next 'someone'. Be original, one of a kind! Be true, be honest with yourself, Be you!

7. Don't overstress yourself - This universe is close to 93 billion light years widely spread. Our earth is nothing when compared to it. Cities are as small as bacteria. We weigh nothing in this universe. Then how big is your problem? Look at the bigger picture of anything and you will never find a reason to get stressed because every problem has a solution.

8. Don't try to make everything perfect - There is beauty in imperfections also and learn to appreciate that. If everything turns out to be perfect in your life, there will be no scope of improvement and nothing to learn out of experiences.